The Technology is surely redefining the future of education. What we used is a structured approach on how to integrate technology in the teaching learning process. This happens best in the Shre Ram Singh Global School smart classrooms. We have adopted experiential learning as opposed to just text book centric teaching methods, exploratory activities, projects and innovative technology.

We bring more useful technology driven engagement in the classrooms. This approach not only provides opportunities to children to build their capacity for ICT skills but also make them learn through computer added learning process.

Smart classrooms help to deliver education on concept and application in a more impactful and effective manner.This scheme of teaching through smart class rooms not only help students but also the faculty and the overall efficiency of the teaching learning process is of highest order. This blended learning model of TWGS that comfirmes technology with class room instruction allows students to network effectively, enable, personalised learning and is an exellent platform to display their ability to innovate and collaborate.

So TWGS smart class rooms empower students to ideate, explore, lead, think and collaborate.